January 2022 Worship Announcement

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Message from Pastor Doug

published on in Announcements

A natural disaster like a rampant new virus and the suffering and death that occurs is NEVER a good thing and is NEVER sent by God. And still, humans have always witnessed ‘good’ that runs like a little stream out of and despite the bad and unfair.

Perhaps this is what we discover – that in the human heart hope springs eternal. And that in the Christian faith we celebrate the blest tie that binds. Italians sing and share meals on balconies despite social distance of 20-30 feet.The people of large Chinese cities see the sun and the blue sky for the first time in months because, with quarantine the pollution has dropped. And perhaps American businesses and American workaholics see working from home, simplifying life, praying at home and spending more time with their kids can replace the never stop moving, 70 hours a six day work week.

As for me the silence around me has led to some quieting of my own overactive mind, the chatter in my head. Gratefulness when things are good is much easier than gratefulness in difficult, hard times isn’t it?

I am grateful for all of YOU though I miss your physical presence very much.I’m grateful that seven years ago I received First word of a Call open at Good Shepherd!Remember to pray for all in our faith family and remember to find even a small thing to be grateful for.


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